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Happiness is more than Mental Plane positive thoughts. While the dictionary defines happiness as “the state of being happy” this gives you very little information about the idea or feeling of or state of happiness. Let’s look at some different things that happiness can be, but realize that in truth, happiness is in the Mental Plane (mind) of the beholder.

  • Your Needs are Met – When a person is happy, they usually don’t have many needs that aren’t being met to the level they want them to be met. It doesn’t mean that someone is not having a hard time. It’s all about how you make what you have fill your needs.
  • You Feel Satisfied – When you are happy you tend to feel simply satisfied with your life. You think about your life and feel good about it. You feel very satisfied when you look around your life and see all the fortune you have whether it’s where you live, who you live with, or if it’s just about yourself doesn’t even matter.
  • You Feel Content – A happy person tends to feel really content about the things in their life. They feel content about their job, their home, their things, their health – nothing is nagging at their mind about anything causing unnecessary stress in their perfect NOW. But remember that happy people do have stress. They’re just better at feeling content even when things aren’t perfect on their Mental Plane because, deep within, they know that their NOW is perfect.
  • You Are at Peace – A happy person often feels a lot of peace surrounding their life and family. They tend to know that everything will turn out okay and are good at turning negativity around to positivity.
  • Your Definition – The truth is, happiness is how you define it personally for yourself. It’s not about getting tons of stuff unless you want that. It’s not about finding a spouse unless you want that. It’s not about having kids unless you want that. It’s all up to you and how you define happiness.
  • It’s a Journey – Happiness is not a destination that you get to one day and stay. It’s a lifelong journey that will have many ups and downs and struggles. However, over the ups and downs of life, you manage to feel good about it. In the 1989 movie, “Parenthood” one of the main characters, a mother who is struggling, states that she loves “the rollercoaster” of life. Her husband is struggling and not as happy because he focuses on the downs instead of the ups, missing his perfect NOW.
  • It’s How You Act – When you are happy you tend to act in more positive ways overall. When happy, you eat better, you move more, you think differently. Don’t worry. You have it in your power to be happy where you are, in your perfect NOW, if you master your Mental and Physical Plane chaos.

Happiness is more than Mental Plane positive thoughts. Happiness is having your needs met, but it’s not about having everything, or even the best. Happiness is about being satisfied with what you have in your NOW while working for the things you want.

Peruse my many books and various types of journals for supportive paths to change. You do have to do more than just think positively to really and truly feel happy. With Mental Plane mastery and retreat within focus, happiness starts with your thoughts, and, by choice, it will manifest with your Physical Plane actions. Think and plan. Journal and stay in the NOW on purpose. You have the power to create AND enjoy the world you want, and that’s what I call LIVING IN THE NOW.