Elevate Your Plate: Real Food Choices & Recipes for a Healthy NOW

Nourishing Your True Self Through Mindful Eating

Self-care naturally extends to what you nourish your Physical Plane body with. Your new NOW can be a transformative journey of self-care just through mindful eating. Nothing about dieting will ever be needed if you focus on elevating your plate by filling it with natural, local, clean food choices.

The amount of information available for healthy eating is endless and accessible. I have put together a sampling of food options and I’ve included the reasons behind making up your Mental Plane mind about how you want to heal your Physical Plane body for this new NOW year.

My recipe book highlights looking into lifestyle options to transform your relationship with food, enabling your body and brain to heal from the inside out. You can quickly discover the profound impact of nutrition and become a more empowered version of yourself with a few changes.

Your new NOW wealth includes the health of your brain, your body, and your soul. In the pages of my book, Elevate Your Plate: Real Food Choices & Recipes for a Healthy NOW, I fork up delicious, nutritious recipes and reveal why you want to eat them.

In this informative book, you are encouraged to sink your teeth into real, whole-food choices. Explore benefits to confirm your why, and elevate your plate, creating your own delicious recipes to quickly change the trajectory of your life.

This taste of goodness should lead you into your kitchen, feeding your mind, body, and soul with many new ideas to elevate your plate with real food choices and recipes for a healthy NOW.

I have stood on the wisdom and guidance of health and wellness giants since 1983 after I lost 25 pounds in a week. That near-death experience is why I have this unwavering commitment to living in the NOW. I encourage prioritizing self-care through healthy choices, to never miss another moment of your extraordinary life.

Incorporating mindful eating into your daily life is a powerful act of self-care. By relishing the experience of each bite and choosing nutrient-rich, colorful foods, you are nurturing both your body and mind. Make this commitment to transform your relationship with food, and witness the lasting positive changes in your journey of living in the NOW.