Welcome to my Being a Champion ~ Living in the NOW ~

8/17 2020

(3-minute read)

I have been writing and sharing a lot of my heart since launching my book. You probably have my book since you are here. Or, for sure, you’ve heard about my book! Much of what you will find here is about being happy and healthy each minute of the day. WHAT?? How can you be happy and healthy all the time?

Being aware of LIVING IN THE NOW is always a challenge and I want to focus on THAT with YOU! First, a little background about making the most of the moment given to you.

I spent 14 months in Florida, staying with my mom who had back surgery at age 94. While there, taking care of her, the house, and the yard, I was also getting out the door at 7:00 AM for a 6-mile run. Always under an hour and a half unless I stopped to chat with my friends along the journey. Not bad for a crazy old lady in her 70’s.

Life is short and always filled with surprises. Being happy and healthy living in the NOW is about the pause, thinking through of our everything, and accepting it as it is. Our gift of the moment is discovered when we learn to focus. The gift of each moment is found when not looking back at the past and not trying to predict the future. Our present moment is what I call our “NOW” and, with awareness, it’s the secret to making each day your best.

LIVING IN THE NOW is about being where you are and accepting what is available in each moment as being all you need.  

I sincerely hope you are living in the now and I thank you for taking the time to join me here!

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The NOW is all we have.

The NOW is all we need.

The NOW is all we get.

PJ Zito