Mastering Your Physical Plane

I am OLD. I hope that, as you join this journey you are YOUNG! Generally speaking, the very YOUNG easily figure out how their body works, and their hearts are happy BEing. Then, Life and various influences and pressures twist our trajectory and convince us of who we should be, how we should look, and what is supposed to be important on our journey.


Our lives are diverse. What do you think you have to do to be enough?

The pain of the Physical Plane is trying to fit into something “out there” instead of loving and accepting SELF. Our journey begins within each new moment and on our own terms.

The Physical Plane must match our expectations created in our Mental Plane for us to live in the NOW.

We all know that we want and need to be physically healthy and able if we are to enjoy a long active life. That should be addressed through our focus on mastering our Physical and Mental Plane influences.

Create the conditions on your Physical Plane that are needed to match your Mental Plane. Focus on the various areas of your life until there is balance, consistency, predictability, and peace.


Change your life with habits that fulfill your every need to be present in your NOW.

Use our workbook to delve into life, to purge problematic notions perceived, to create a NOW that makes you healthy and happy.

The journey explicitly unfolds with every choice to abandon all notions, to take up the disciplines needed, to pause enough to change.

Day 4 in my book is: The Physical Plane ~ Become an Expert ~ Take the Physical Plane Challenge ~ Food List Elimination! An eye-opening look at “We are what we eat.”

You may be well. You may be successful. You may be in love and totally support your significant other. You may have many accomplishments to share with the world and love what you do. That doesn’t mean that you understand the power within mastering your Planes to be fully living in the NOW.

The Physical Plane of Your Home includes creating a greener space. What does a green home look like? Most would agree that a green home is a healthy and safe place to be, makes use of water and other natural resources sustainably, is energy efficient, and minimizes waste. Having an Eco Champion perspective helps you to target a more natural space to create a comfortable and safe home environment for you and your loved ones.

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A champion lives a clean, green, focused, well planned out day to be the best they can be. We live with and promote products that provide options for Physical Plane Champions to choose organic, natural, green, toxic-free, healthy living.

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