Living in Your Spiritual Plane

I’ve had the blessings of living and working with unique individuals who are actively pursuing their own personal journeys to happiness. That’s exactly what it is, a personal journey to becoming who we have been created to be from all eternity: happy!

Happiness is not a point that you reach but more a speed you maintain. We’re all human and there is no cruise control for our Physical or Mental Planes. That’s why I’ve developed some simple steps not just to reach your speed of happiness, but also to maintain it.

There is no price tag for LIVING IN THE NOW.

The Spiritual Plane is and always has been freely available to us.

Here is a poem that images my book’s theme. It is from “Love Poems from God: Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West (Compass)

When your soul was born, it was like a still ocean that had yet to experience its infinite life.

God then came to the shores of our souls and gazed upon the immaculate splendor that his divine heart created.

He then took off his clothes and dove into us.

Nothing on their own have your arms ever done.

The movements of your feet are caused by the waves he stirred.

Light baptizes life wherever it falls and every religion and all upon this earth is a shadow.

A shadow may move but has no real power of its own. Though it can affect the weak and frighten them and men can use that darkness to exploit others.

As I found the source of all we do, as I found the source of all our desires, so humble God became. He admitted, “Yes, I caused all things.”

Oneness, union, and graced preciousness enable us to know and live our source and our purpose. We become authentic in our NOW by being aware and present, on purpose.

We learn to end our acting. We let ourselves be who we truly are. When acting, our heart feels confused, empty, abandoned, and incomplete because we have actually left ourselves out of our NOW. 

Be here in the living moment and restore your NOW. Let’s stop thinking who we think we are. That is ego to ego instead of heart to heart or soul to soul.

Who I am NOW rather than what is it I am possibly becoming is living in the NOW and we need to encounter our actual BEing.

May your journal work be your joy and the healing of your parched soul.

May you acquire wisdom on your journey. The true wisdom of knowing when the knowledge applies and when it transforms into understanding, mercy, power, and unconditional love.

The greatest crisis of our world today is that we all need the curing antidote of self-love, ecstatic passion, and inspired Presence within our precious NOW.

We must understand and master the Physical and Mental Plane influences to find the secret to making each day our best: Living in the Now through authenticity, awareness, purpose, meaning, and gratitude.