Understanding Your Mental Plane

I create my Physical Plane (my presence in the world) in my Mental Plane (my mind) and then I have to live there.

It really doesn’t matter what our issue is or what our past has been. If we want to overcome something, we can focus and find a way to master our Mental Plane to change our NOW.

We become what we think about the most, what we say to others, and what we say to ourselves.

Inner dialogue forms the bulk of our thoughts and feelings. Powerful self-talk can override a lifetime of bad programming and redirect our subconscious mind, correcting our Mental Plane, on purpose. That influences and impacts our Physical Plane which puts powerful awareness back into our NOW, revealing the Spiritual Plane that is always ours.

Understanding our Mental Plane empowers us to master our thoughts. Through the mastery of our Mental Plane, we become specific enough to see the truth as it is.


So much is changing in our world today. The tapping into technology had exploded with all the social distancing and business closings! What would we do without technology! Can’t live with it and can’t live without it.

Technology syndrome is new to today’s times despite how much it saves our struggling world. We just can’t count on anything providing stability in our life and work for any significant length of time. So many are being challenged to reconfigure their world over and over again.

How comfortable you are with that reality probably depends on how much trust you place in your Mental Plane’s ability to manage yourself appropriately when demands of change occur.

There is very little that actually impacts our NOW once we understand how to declutter our minds. Our Mental Plane focus is on just that!

WE are the power of impact and WE are responsible for everything that changes our acceptance and participation in the NOW and that trajectory determines our making each day our best…or not.

There will always be a surprise coming toward you, which you cannot foresee, which will require you to recalibrate, refocus, and redefine yourself. There is no help beyond your own abilities to master your Mental Plane and sharpen your NOW to manage your Physical Plane in the process.

Habits formed, for taking focused action on tasks as they arise, enables us to capture our visions, consciously placing steps into our reality that target our power sources and enrich our NOW.

Join us to discover many techniques, creative approaches, habits, meditation styles, prayer sitting/focus, and quiet times that can work for your unique needs!

Prayer is based on the way we focus attention in our NOW.

Meditation is our effortless presence in our NOW. It is the state of not focusing on anything while reposing on our everything: our quiet, empty, steady, strong self. It is a personal process of monitoring and the means to train our Mental Plane so that the effortless, inner silence, the deep state of consciousness can show us our truth.

Our mastery of the depth and steadiness of attention develops with our focus and disciplined surrendering. All perceptions, be they internal thoughts, feelings, pasts memories, etc. or external sounds, smells, etc. are recognized and seen for what they are.

The process of learning to accept the NOW as perfect enables our mastery of the non-reactive monitoring of the content of experience from moment to moment. We simply master our Mental Plane and love the moment we are experiencing as we experience it. That positively impacts our Physical Plane participation and that is Living in the NOW!

There is so much of life we simply don’t want to miss any more!

Nobody can avoid stress or the busy chaos of life. We don’t need to reach some fairy-tale level of enlightenment where happiness is everything and all our needs are met. We need tools to quickly bring ourselves back into balance when things aren’t right.

To approach life proactively and navigate challenges with confidencedignity, and grace we must be disciplined, prepared for change, and confident in our NOW.

Use what I call Sit and Sip Times in my book to become proactive with each day’s challenges.

Begin the morning with stretching in bed while breathing in the gift of life for another day. Spend time in quiet. Spend time in prayer. Spend time with yourself.

Drink water and clear your thoughts to allow peace and Presence to fill your being.

Rest or diversify tasks during the day when you feel overwhelm or frustration arising.

List concerns and tasks for tomorrow to set them aside before sleeping deeply all night.

Calm your Mental Plane and release the stress and pressures of the day before retiring for the night and write in your gratitude journal to retire in abundance.

I use variations of this framework to declutter my Mental Plane so I can restore my power and live my best life NOW.