We are Seekers, Stars, Travelers on a Different Journey

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Being happy LIVING IN THE NOW is challenging.

We are encouraged to stop the treadmill and enjoy life more! That will require mastery and new habits that give us back control of our life.

What are we doing here on this earth? Why are we here?

Why are some people successful, healthy and happy while others struggle just to make ends meet or just to get through a day?

Why is it that millions of human beings never stop to think about anything?

People coming together here are seekers, travelers on a journey, stars of a different making who want to shine from within with purpose, vision and impact.

There is nothing extreme about us, but we are focused on balance, purpose and living well through mastery of the body, mind and soul.

We differentiate them, label them, master them as the Physical Plane (body), the Mental Plane (mind) and the Spiritual Plane (soul).

Being mindful, we research everything (Mental Plane), pray habitually (Spiritual Plane) and work (Physical Plane) with our renewed awareness of union within our source, God. (Living in the NOW!)

Sandwiched within our disciplines, we share with other companions on this journey to better grasp the surprising story of the intimate encounter of God desiring union with us.

If you were the only person on this earth, God would create and sustain all just for you.

God’s love, our spirit-side, accompanies us in all of creation and in our moment-by-moment growing. Awareness of the expansion enables us to become so fully human that we can choose to be divine.

I want to encourage your journey to be Living in the NOW and being happier with your path in life.

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The NOW is all we have.

The NOW is all we need.

The NOW is all we get.