What is Your Purpose? Where is Your Pain?

(7-minute read)

Thanks for being here and for taking the time to interact with our Champion community. I appreciate you.

Being happy and physically strong, LIVING IN THE NOW, is always going to be challenging. That’s life. The key is to stay aware of the gift.

It is YOUR best habit to think and review your thoughts of the 3 Planes we live in and make them your own.

The Physical Plane, the Mental Plane and the Spiritual Plane.

Be aware of the 3 Planes right NOW and spend some time with each by perusing past blog posts. When you’re ready, please continue reading.

Today, I want to tap into the Physical Plane, which is the body that we inhabit on this journey we call life.

We are all walking around on this earth and interacting with the world around us. We are all different and we all have our stories. We are pretty much all the same, too! In case you missed my story:

I retired from 27 years of teaching in 2006. I had been dabbling in health and wellness products since 1983, after a near-death-experience in my health. I lost 25 pounds in a week and my organs were shutting down because of dehydration. Turns out that I had a parasite – Giardia. The infection in my small intestine almost killed me.

Out of this experience, I gained a new respect for life, for health, and for my purpose on this earth.

What is your purpose? Where is your pain?

The pain and frustration of the Physical Plane is really about trying to fit into something “out there” instead of loving and accepting our true SELF.

What “out there” influences have control over you?

Society’s dictations of expensive clothes will make you successful?

Creams, potions and lotions will make you look beautiful?

A big house and a fancy car will show people you are rich?

Is your NOW busy about what you must have to be happy?

Our journey begins within each new moment and on our own terms.

The Physical Plane must match the expectations we create in our Mental Plane for us to be happy living in the NOW.

We all know that we want and need to be physically healthy if we are to enjoy a long active life. Our focal points on health should be addressed through our focus on mastering our Physical and Mental Plane influences.

Forget the shifts of “outside” inputs that are never who or what we are “inside.”

We can choose how we gather and work to create the right conditions on our Physical Plane that are needed to match our Mental Plane by really thinking.

Focusing on the various areas of our life until there is balance, consistency, predictability, and peace is challenging but very possible.

We must change our life with habits that fulfill our every need to be present in our NOW.

We delve into life, to purge problematic notions perceived, to create a NOW that makes us healthy and happy.

The journey explicitly unfolds with every choice to abandon all notions, to take up the disciplines needed, to pause enough to change.

You may be well. You may be successful. You may be in love and totally support your significant other. You may have many accomplishments to share with the world and love what you do.

That doesn’t mean you understand the power within mastering your Planes to be fully living in the NOW.

This journey you NOW stand on the brink of is what our world needs, too.

We would not need bars on the windows or metal detectors at every entrance if people would stop long enough to master the Physical and Mental Plane noise to better notice the Spiritual Plane beauty that is available to us at all times if we but focus.

Join me and let’s spend time thinking about how we think. The tapes we play in our head truly impact and affect how we see the world and that totally wallops our happiness if we are not on high alert!

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Take extraordinarily good care of yourself.

PJ Zito