Should I Be Vegan or Vegetarian? What’s the difference? ~ Foodie Blog Time

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Going vegan, or vegetarian is a great way to eat smarter, lose weight, burn fat, and feel full of energy. Choosing to live a healthier lifestyle starts with your diet.  

Nutritionists and health experts now realize that up to 70% of your physical fitness level is directly the result of your diet. So good for you for deciding to go vegan or vegetarian.  

By the way, what is the difference? A vegan is definitely a vegetarian, but not all vegetarians are vegans. And what is this pescatarian thing anyway? 

Defining the Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian 

Before you join a club or organization, you first find out what they are all about, right? What do they believe? What are the basic tenets, rules and unwritten laws which govern that organization? You need to ask yourself those same questions when you are choosing between a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle.  

– Vegan – A person who excludes the use of animals for clothing, food, or any other purpose. They do not consume or use any products made from animals. This means they do not eat honey, eggs, meat, milk, and any other animal-based food. 

– Vegetarian – This is someone that does not eat meat or fish. Unlike a vegan, some types of vegetarians eat dairy products, eggs, and cheese. Vegetarians are not usually concerned with excluding animal-based nonfood products from their lives, like clothing. 

The Different Types of Vegetarians 

As you can see, vegans are much more passionate about their exclusion of animals used to create food and non-food products. Vegetarians pretty much stick to a plant-based diet, but they may wear leather shoes and clothing, eat eggs and cheese, and drink milk. Check out these different types of vegetarians … 

Pescatarian – This is a person that is basically a vegetarian. However, they also eat fish and other seafood products, dairy, and eggs. 

Flexitarian – If you would like to be an “almost vegetarian”, the flexitarian diet might be right for you. This is a vegetarian that occasionally eats eggs, cheese, and dairy products, and also eats meat occasionally. 

Lacto vegetarian – If you wish to exclude poultry, meat, fish, and any egg products from your diet, while still eating dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and milk, the Lacto vegetarian lifestyle is for you. 

Lacto ovo vegetarian – Do you love cheese, eggs, egg-based food items, yogurt, milk, and other dairy products? If so, add these foods to an almost totally plant-based diet and you are a Lacto Ovo vegetarian.  

Just be happy living in the NOW and listen to your body’s requests. The NOW will lead if you are still and focused. 

Take extraordinarily good care of yourself.