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Did your mouth start to salivate?

Did mental images of your favorite cheeses start flashing through your mind’s eye? You are definitely not alone.

Cheese is a savory, creamy, yummy and versatile food. But most cheeses, probably some of your favorites, definitely do not qualify as vegetarian.

Don’t worry, there are several vegan and vegetarian cheese alternatives that are so delicious that could even get a mouse to kick his traditional cheese habit. 


2 Vegetarian Cheese Recipes and 6 Vegan Cheese Manufacturers 

Make Your Own Cheese Alternatives – Creamy vegan cheese – Add ½ cup each of cashews, macadamia nuts and pure water. Add 2 more tablespoons of pure water, so that the nuts are covered when they are in your blender. Blend, then pour the mixture onto cheesecloth lining a colander sitting on a plate.

Use enough cheesecloth so that you can pull the sides up and make a bag-like container. Squeeze this bag to get as much whey out as you can. Place a weight on top and walk away for 24 hours. Refrigerate for 30 minutes and then you can harden and shape into any size. Add your favorite herbs and spices. 

Nutritional yeast – This is a vegetarian-friendly food product that can be used to make dozens of cheese alternatives. Use the following recipe when you want to replace cheese in a baked or cooked recipe, for making dishes like macaroni and cheese, casseroles, and lasagna. 

Combine ½ cup melted margarine, ½ cup flour and whisk over a medium flame. When this mix is smooth and bubbly, stir in 3 ½ cups of boiling water. Add 1 ½ tablespoons of salt, 1 ½ tablespoons garlic powder, a little turmeric, and 2 tablespoons of soy sauce. Beat over medium heat until it thickens. When it is bubbling and thick, whip in 1 cup of nutritional yeast flakes and ¼ cup oil.  

This vegetarian cheese-like product can be used in place of cheese for a multitude of dishes. 

Popular Vegetarian and Vegan Cheeses You Can Buy Online 

Not everyone is handy in the kitchen. Or you may not have the time. In that case, hit a large online retailer like Amazon, and you can buy vegetarian and vegan cheeses from the comfort and convenience of your home, shipped to your front door. Look for these major brands.  

Teese, Follow Your Heart and Daiya are 3 manufacturers that sell cheeses you can melt. These are great alternatives to cheddar and mozzarella and are ideal for making grilled cheese sandwiches or pizza. When preparing your food, use them just as you would a dairy-based cheese. 

Sometimes you prefer aged cheeses that you can eat in a solid form. A slice or chunk of cheese tastes great on a cracker, and a slice is perfect on a sandwich. Some decent vegetarian cheese alternatives are offered by companies like Treeline, or Dr. Cow, and Punk Rawk Labs. These gourmet cheeses qualify as both vegetarian and vegan. 

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