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Are you happy? Is true happiness possible? Can you change your NOW?

So many people who have to deal with struggles in life often struggle with happiness and tend to claim that true happiness is not even possible.  The truth is there are different levels of happiness that you can experience in your life. HAPPY is not a straight line! There are ups and downs that you will experience all throughout life but whether you are happy in your NOW or not is all about your Mental Plane influences on your Physical Plane – creating your feelings.

You Have It in You

Just by virtue of the fact that you’re a human being and that you can experience feelings, happiness being one of them, you know that true happiness does exist. You can probably write down many days and many things that have brought happiness to your life over the years since you were born up until today’s NOW.

Look Around You

It’s amazing, but while it’s easy to say that you have it in you, how can people be happy if they do not have their basic needs met? There are people all around you who do not have their needs met but who are very happy. That bores out as true when you study rich people and realize many of them are not any happier than poor people overall. Why?

It’s Not About Stuff

If you look at a list of the happiest countries in the world, you will realize that being happy isn’t about the stuff you have. The happiest people right NOW happen to live in Denmark. Most people who live there pay high taxes, live in small homes and tend to not be as consumer-driven as people in the USA. But the USA is 17 on the list, showing that happiness is not about stuff. Oh, happy Presidents’ Day, USA!

It’s Not Even About Goals

You may think that happiness is about reaching your goals. But, it’s not. If you often say things like “I’ll be happy when…” then it’s not likely you will ever really be happy. You can be happy today, before you reach your goals, while you’re on the path to reach those goals if you can stay in your NOW. It’s honestly more about the day-to-day living in the NOW and appreciating your moments that matter.

It’s Not About Your Circumstances

Some things in life can really get you down, of course. However, for happy people, even the worst events will not make them unhappy … at least not permanently. A happy person usually has the Mental Plane skills in place to navigate things about their circumstances, as they arrive. Dr. Gillian Mandich, a happiness expert, states that our circumstances account for only 10 percent of our happiness.

True happiness is about accepting that you have inner power choices and you can experience the NOW as it comes by understanding what it really means. A happy person isn’t going to be at the same level of happy 24/7, 365 days a year. When you observe that people who are sick with cancer are happy, that children who aren’t getting enough to eat are happy, and people living in huts in Africa are also happy, it helps you to realize and choose to be happy too. You always have the power to choose. Retreating within gives you the perspective and inner power to step into each moment as a perfect NOW experience. That is what I call LIVING IN THE NOW: The Secret to Making Each Day Your Best! Happy NOW, champion! Don’t forget to interact with other champions in our private Facebook group: www.Facebook.com/groups/LivingInTheNowChampions