Mental Plane control

4-minute read

This writing is flowing from my heart because the collective energy of our world today is in need of transformation. It may seem that the world is out of control and many people are expressing thoughts of fear because of issues dominating the news.

Trouble evolves into more when focused on. Social media extremes become perpetuated and we absorb.

Thoughts are floating through the universe at all times. The collective mind pours energy on us and we absorb the thoughts that resonate with our energy and our focus. This heavy, negative overflow of fear, anger, hatred and evil is crushing our world.

The impact of a few is influencing so many and the various levels of negativity will continue to spread until awareness rises beyond the minds of the people who meditate, who pray, who love unconditionally and who share their light with the universe. We will pick up the negative if that is where we look or we will pick up the positive if that is from where we stand.

It is time for our collective energy to turn the unthinkable around. The Mental Plane control needed to expand world consciousness is precisely within our power. It is time to change the talk, the story, the toxic focus. It is time to send light, prayers, visions of change and hope out to the universe.

The energies of the universe are empowered as we send out our united thoughts of healing and of change. Our world’s focus will shift from fear to hope, from hate to love, from darkness to light when we all put an end to power struggles and suffering.

You alone have control of your Mental Plane and your mind influences your Physical Plane which changes the world. The beginning of true change will take place when we crush collective thoughtforms that possess negative influences with our awareness and power to identify with the intimate part of the whole in which we live and participate positively. Cast your energetic vote and visualize how everything in our world must be protected, respected and transformed right NOW.