Your First Steps to Manifesting Your NOW

(9-minute read)

Do you know at least one person who seems to make the most of every situation? Someone who has great success being conscious of LIVING IN THE NOW. Someone able to bring about change without much extra energy going out.

Do you admire them? Or perhaps you feel a little jealous of the person because it appears they have everything, seemingly getting things with minimal effort as though they were born “lucky”. 

Well, it is probably time you understand that the inner power of being aware of LIVING IN THE NOW lies within each of us and it is up to you to learn more about how to stay in its abundance all the time.

Attracting abundance is about awareness and knowledge. Just like any other skill people have, manifesting and awareness is no different. Skills like playing a musical instrument or making gourmet meals require time and commitment to learn and practice. So does the skill of LIVING IN THE NOW on purpose. How good you get at being aware of the moment you are in depends on how well you learn the skills of focus and how disciplined you are.

Even though some people are better at certain skills, that doesn’t mean the rest of us, with practice, can’t improve or even surpass the talents, skills and awareness expressed by others. Some seem to have learned it so well that they often don’t even realize how they do it. Manifesting awareness of LIVING IN THE NOW comes to them so readily it appears “natural” just as a well-trained pianist seems to play the piano without thought or effort. They learn to believe wholeheartedly that they can do something and as it becomes part of their Mental Plane reality, their Physical Plane creates it. They may seem to be born lucky, but luck is not how they got there!

So, how can you start on your journey towards manifesting awareness of your NOW’s overflow of great things available for yourself and those you love? 

Here is the first step – a basic understanding of the “Law of Attraction” that so many people practice.

Gaining an understanding of how the “law of attraction” works is a good first step in bringing abundance and awareness of LIVING IN THE NOW into your NOW

You can create your own reality.

Your body believes what your mind tells it. Your mind makes up your world and then you believe it to be true.

You can attract riches, opportunities, and happiness, etc., in your life when you learn to focus on abundance and make choices to attract. You focus and trust your inner power enough to believe and think in a positive way toward everything available in your NOW.

You probably also know at least one person (hopefully not you!), who dwells on the negative and truly will focus on having less. They are attracted to “less” not to “having more”.

When you focus on “I hate my current job” then you will never notice the aspects of your employment that might be satisfying. Just wanting something isn’t going to bring that to you if you continue to focus on the “not having” of that something. You may have personally experienced that “not having” attitude and learned that it blocked your true desires and distracted you from LIVING IN THE NOW.

Mental Plane mastery is to focus on a particular item or scenario rather than on vague goals like “more cash” or “winning money” tomorrow.

Focusing on winning the lottery, for example, is fruitless. Although, through luck, some win lotteries, focusing on winning the lottery is kind of like focusing on “not having” enough.  Oddly, many who focus on winning naturally dream of what they could do to help others, even though many of those dreams could already be done with their current incomes on a smaller scale, but they don’t. This is probably because they focus on what they perceive as their “not having” or “having so little”.  With this attitude, they end up believing that those dreams are only possible by winning the lottery. They are literally afraid to act on their dreams for fear that they do not currently “have enough” to offer.

Self-talk changes their NOW and controls the impact of the moment they are flying past. When they are focused on “not enough” it won’t ever matter how much money they have. It will never be enough.

Is it your turn to make the most of out every moment you are in? Your abundant NOW is enough.

Is it your turn for others to see you as the “lucky” one?

Would you like to learn all the steps to manifesting abundance and awareness of LIVING IN THE NOW

You deserve it and it is time to take FOCUSED action.

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Happy NOW!