The Sugar Blockers Diet

(5-minute read)

Everyone is concerned about blood sugar these days – and everyone has a right to be concerned.

Diabetes and obesity is an epidemic that doesn’t seem to be getting better and it’s our diet that’s the culprit.

The Sugar Blockers Diet can ease your concern about your future health by giving you the tools you need to lose weight, conquer prediabetes or full-blown diabetes and lower your blood sugar. And you can accomplish this while eating carbs.

It’s a 3-step plan that does just what the title says – blocks sugar that turns to fat and raises your blood sugar to high levels. Formulated by Rob Thompson, M.D. and Prevention Magazine, the diet plan teaches you how to stop blood sugar spikes.

Insulin is the hormone that controls the calories you put in your body. Starches contained in some of our favorite foods such as bread and pasta are the main reason that our blood sugar spikes.

But diets are difficult to stick to if you have to give up your favorites forever. Instead, The Sugar Blockers Diet lets you eat starches, but block the harm they cause by balancing them with foods that are sugar blockers.

You’ve eaten them before – a glass of wine can be a sugar blocker or a steak and cheese. When you can effectively use these types of food at every meal, you’ll be able to balance your diet and still lose weight, prevent diabetes and reverse insulin resistance.

Over 50 recipes are featured in the book to help you learn what these sugar blockers are and how to use them. Walking is a great exercise and this book teaches you how to walk with the goal of losing weight.

In only six weeks, you’ll notice a difference in your body, your attitude and your health. Physical Plane and Mental Plane balance also reveal the abundant Spiritual Plane that is always and ever available. The sugar shocks you’ve experienced before when you eat a meal loaded with sugar and carbs will disappear and awareness of health and happiness will take its place in your NOW.

Sugar shocks are very dangerous as you will see in the book. But, with the power of being able to block sugars, you won’t have to experience them anymore. The more you know about sugar blockers and how to identify them, the better you’ll become at restoring your health and losing weight.

Carbohydrates are difficult to give up because they’re in many foods that are actually healthy for us, like some fruits and vegetables. And any diet is difficult to stick to for life if you don’t have the pleasure of a dessert or slice of bread once in a while.

The Sugar Blockers Diet plan helps you balance your meals so that sugar blockers can prevent the carbs and sugars from causing your blood sugar to spike. Fat won’t be stored and you can still lose weight while eating the foods you love.

If you hate exercise, you’ll be happy with the walking plan in The Sugar Blocker’s Diet. The recommended techniques give you the best results for the least amount of effort. Exercise, combined with the diet plan and some determination, will support you to reach your health goals in record time. Your Physical Plane will thank you as your Mental Plane self-talk begins to change along with your body.