Mental Plane Food

(6-minute read)

Are you aware of what you feed your Mental Plane – mind?

There is this ancient Native American legend, that I’m sure you’ve heard, of a wise man who walked from town to town with one white wolf and one black wolf. He was walking from town to town with each wolf on either side. Now, it’s obvious to the townsfolk that the black wolf is very ferocious. If they get anywhere near that animal, it will tear them apart. That is not a theory, that is guaranteed.

They were asking the old man, from a distance, “Which of these animals get bigger and stronger?” What they were really trying to ask is how they could approach the old man. He said, “Whoever I feed gets the upper hand.” This ancient Native American legend really speaks to our collective subconscious.

If you are struggling with memories that make you feel small, weak, powerless, voiceless or somehow stuck in your life, you may be feeding the wrong memories. Maybe you’re feeding these memories by interpreting them in the worst way possible. Maybe you are feeding your insecurities, your pride, your fear, your anger.

Now, just because it has been happening for a long time, doesn’t mean that this is who you are. Let’s make that clear. A lot of people know that they are unhappy. They know for a fact that they are miserable, but they cannot get those invisible chains off their wrists. Do you know why? They have grown accustomed to them.

Oh, and they’re going to deny this to your face. But deep down inside, they have grown accustomed to them. A lot of people are too quick to trust the devil they know, rather than to take a chance on the devil they don’t know. It may well turn out that the alternative doesn’t have to be a devil. It could be your angel, your true self who has been trying to connect with you since you were born.

Unfortunately, it is easy to feel stuck. A little effort seems it’s all you can do and you had better not rock the boat. Well, that’s a problem because you know that you are unhappy. You know that you’re not living up to your fullest potential. You know that you are feeding the worst instincts in your mind, but you can’t seem to move forward.

Understand that once you become aware of what you feed your mind, you start to see the big picture. All the pieces start to fall into place and you quickly have all the things that you need to make real change in your life. But this is still all a choice. You have to be aware that you’re feeding your mind certain things that make your NOW real.

How do you feed your mind? By analyzing things a certain way. Did you notice my wording? I did not say “bad” or “good,” because those are value judgments. What I’m trying to focus your Mental Plane on is the fact that you are judging everything most of the time.

Take control of that analysis process. Understand the consequences of your Mental Plane self-talk and choices. I have many books on my Amazon Author page. I strongly encourage you to take a look and take action to master your Mental Plane influences on your Physical Plane world.

Whatever it is that you’re struggling with eventually can be traced back to your choice of interpretation. It’s all an interpretation because if you look at how the world treats you, it’s all neutral.

Your Mental Plane takes every experience, traces it back to some other experience that has a labeled meaning and attaches that meaning to this experience in this new NOW.

That is how you put meaning into things. It’s you who judges things in such a way that they can either push you up or drag you down. The key to all of this is to be aware of what you feed your mind. For great and powerful techniques that enable you to get the laser focus you need to be fully aware of what you’re feeding your mind, CLICK THE LINK ON THE WEBSITE to find out more about joining our champions on the journey to a happy, healthy NOW. Here is the link to my AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE, too. Let me know what you think!