Thinking Differently

(4-minute read)

Overcome your challenges by thinking differently. You attract what it is you think about the most. NOW is the time to learn and make choices for change.

It is important for you to realize that you are part of the expanding universe and its endless energy. Your Physical Plane has access to abundance and flow even more than trees, flowers or animals. Without any effort, they expand to live their purpose. Your perfect NOW provides the space for you to create, expand and realize your purpose.

Here are just a few ways to clarify your Mental Plane journey:

  1. I have written many books to support your new NOW journey. I have a simple, easy-to-use reference book entitled “A Living in the NOW Faith-Based Resource Book: Your Guide Through Times of Struggle for Healing Heart, Mind and Spirit”.
  2. Listening to affirmations is an excellent way to overcome challenging circumstances such as the loss of a loved one, a career slump, relationship issues and financial difficulties. This affirmation track I’ve suggested below will re-wire your Mental Plane self-talk thought patterns to help you get through the difficult times in your life.
  3. You can rewire your Mental Plane, and change how you think, with written affirmations and quotes during positive self-care pauses, journal work and quiet meditation times, to arm yourself for the negatives of life when times of struggle arise. Peruse all my books and my courses on the website:

I like this special audio suggestion because it provides immediate relief from life’s ups and downs. Plus, it eliminates your self-talk Mental Plane blocks. Remember, mastering the Mental and Physical Plane chaos enables you to slow down enough to become aware of the Spiritual Plane abundance that is always available in your NOW.

There are so many benefits to the wonderful vibrations soundtracks. End the year strong!

Benefits are immediate when you pause and retreat within. There lies the secret to making each day your best. The NOW waits to fuel your deepest desires and as you expand, your influence on others overflows.

Some common benefits received are:

1. Feeling a greater sense of purpose and gaining self-esteem

2. Bouncing back from difficult times to start living life again

3. Achieving a high-vibration life filled with joy and opportunities for growth

4. Reducing stress to feel happier and focusing on being healthier

I love tools to support my Mental Plane mastery because I know my body believes what my mind tells it. This helps me create a new reality to be in a new NOW!

You can find all the details by clicking here:

It is being offered for 85% off so I thought I’d share this with you NOW! Expand your new NOW!