New Awareness

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New Awareness

The self-help journal-type book, Living in the Now: The Secret to Making Each Day Your Best, is a practical working journal. Within the 40 days of self-work, the reader becomes the writer of my book by answering questions and writing thoughts within the pages.

Being in control of what is going into your body and what is going into your mind is one of the most profound changes you can make to be aware of living in the moment you are in – your NOW.

I refer to the body and your presence in the world as the Physical Plane. 

I refer to the mind and all the ego influences that shape your thinking as the Mental Plane.

For the Physical Plane:

Start by seeing that everything is a chemical change. When you fast, your body loses a few chemicals that it expects to get every day when you eat food. Your body’s internal chemical makeup changes when you fast. As the ordinary balance of chemicals in your body shift, you become aware of different experiences outside of your body because you are on high alert within.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to experience this Physical Plane change is to adjust your water routine to notice how changes occur. Drink a tall glass of purified water 30 minutes before each meal to aid digestion and to feel fuller, eating less. Drink one or two glasses of filtered water between meals to hydrate and satisfy. Most times, you think you are hungry when you are actually thirsty. You can naturally help lower your blood pressure simply by drinking a glass of purified water before taking a bath or shower.

Drink two glasses of purified water upon rising to rid your body of toxins and activate your internal organs to get them busy on their day jobs. Water should be part of your daily morning routine. 

While writing in your journal for your scheduled evening routine, drink a glass of filtered water to help avoid episodes of a stroke or heart attack during sleep. If you turn off electronics, drink your glass of water and write in your journal an hour before retiring, you are solidifying chances of deeper sleep.

My next blog is a deeper dive into the Mental Plane. There are many chemical changes that take place in the brain when you are working your Physical Plane strategies. Notice how different you feel physically after implementing the suggestions here today but also expect Mental Plane clarity as your body detoxes.

This year is coming to an end. Run strong and healthy across the finish line of 2022, Champion. Your whole body-spirit person will thank you by living well in the new year ahead.