New Awareness Con’t

(4-minute read)

For the Mental Plane:

My last blog talked about the Physical Plane, your body, and physical presence in the world. The Mental Plane refers to your mind and all the ego influences that shape how you think.

I spend a lot of time and energy stressing the importance of mastering the Mental Plane because your body believes what your mind tells it. Be aware of the power of a healthy, balanced and disciplined Mental Plane. It creates your life.

Within a pause for meditation, quiet time, or focused retreating within moments, breathing deeply for 30 seconds will create oxygen inside your body and change your nitrogen level. The conscious act of breathing deeply to bring in more oxygen changes the chemicals in your brain the same way fasting changes chemicals in your body when you stop eating food. 

When you take in more oxygen, you are changing the chemicals in your body. You can start feeling and thinking with greater awareness and clarity when the chemicals cause you to become more aware of the differences. A simple example would be spinning in a circle with your arms extended. Spin as fast as you can for 30 seconds and stop. A whole new chemical change is taking place, and your senses come alive, even while you are dizzy. You are experiencing a chemical change that opens an entirely new experience to see and feel everything differently.

If you want to change how you experience your NOW, the Mental Plane path is to retreat within, meditate, or pray by pausing and breathing to change your chemical makeup. The power is to notice how to go beyond the chaos and the overwhelmed that is always happening.  

Your body believes what your mind tells it. To see what is real, change your body from the inside. NOW you are looking for your truth from the inside and finding your abundant inner power source.

You will never be satisfied trying to solve problems from the outside where the world tells you what you have to do or who you should be to find happiness. The should and should not will always be adding pressure and stress to your true self.

Ponder this:

The problem with competing in the rat race is that, even if you win, you are still a rat! 

You can’t fit into what is out there and never will. Everything you need and long for is on the inside. Your true self has been calling out for you to stop and listen to your own truth for your whole life. You can’t be happy if your true self isn’t walking the journey beside you.

The rearrangement of chemicals will jump-start the process of putting your priorities into a new perspective. The experience heightens awareness of the abundance in the moment that you are in – your NOW.

Your NOW has no boundaries and no expectations. You can just love the moment you are in while you are in it. 

The NOW is all you have. 

The NOW is all you need. 

The NOW is all you get.