Happiness Can Improve Your Health

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How Can Happiness Improve Your Health? Mental Plane Mastery!

Happiness is an important ingredient in a healthy life. Many studies indicate that happiness plays a major role in your health, whether it’s living a healthy NOW-lifestyle or reducing the amount of chronic pain – happiness is the solution to many health woes. Champions retreat within to change their NOW because:

Happiness Encourages Healthy Living in the NOW

According to studies, happier people are almost twice as likely to eat more fresh vegetables than people who state that they are not happy. Eating more produce and organic food will automatically improve your health and curb eating a diet high in processed food.

Happiness Provides Energy Awareness in the NOW

When you eat better, you tend to end up with more energy. It’s hard to imagine, but being negative or feeling sad can literally drain your energy while being happy can give you more energy awareness in the moments you are actually in, your NOW.

Happiness Boosts Immunity

Eating better, moving more, and feeling happy in your NOW will also increase your ability to fight off illness and disease because it improves your immunity. A study showed that people who report more times of happiness in their NOW tend to fight off illness faster than people who report sadness. They literally gave people the cold virus and the happy people were three times less likely to get the cold.

Happiness Lessens Stress

If you’re happy, you’ll have a lot less to keep you up at night, to worry about, and therefore you’ll end up with less stress in your NOW. It goes farther than that because happy people tend to report less stress even when they are facing stressful things. Due to the strength that happiness gives you, you’ll experience less stress with the Mental Plane power to choose how you respond in your NOW.

Happiness Protects Cardiovascular Health

Because you’re eating better and moving more, due to your NOW happiness, you are also protecting your cardiovascular health. You’re less likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke, or other issues related to heart health and the cardiovascular system.

Happiness Increases Longevity

Because you are eating right, exercising more and feeling great about living in the NOW, you will likely live longer. It’s not surprising that happy people tend to live 14 percent longer.

Happiness Diminishes Pain

People who suffer from chronic pain have a right to be mad about it or feel sad about it. However, people who report being happy tend to deal with their chronic pain (and other illness) better than those who were not happy to start with.

When you are happy living in the NOW, you’re more likely to eat right, drink enough water, and move. It’s mostly because you have more energy to do active things. If you are having difficulty maintaining your happiness and your awareness of living in the NOW, learn Mental Plane mastery by retreating within to change your mindset and influence your Physical Plane reality.

Happiness has nothing to do with your circumstances but everything to do with how you choose to react to every moment in your NOW. Self-care first enables you to find your inner powers and personal strength and that changes everything because your body believes what your mind tells it.

Be happy. Become healthier. You always have the power to choose.

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The NOW is all you have.

The NOW is all you need.

The NOW is all you get.