(9-minute read)

Life is difficult. It is time to choose to go beyond what is considered important in the world, to experience the perfect, abundant life you have within. Join the journey to come to a point where you witness your own value. Come to where you can experience your events from an inside perspective. Find your space where you are no longer impacted by the influences and expectations of the outside world.

Journey to where you are above the chaos and pass through your past life. The past has brought you here. Stay in the moment. 

There are times when you plan for the future, of course, and there are times when you go back and think about the past but only to change and grow.  

Choose to be in the stable awareness of your NOW

This is all interesting but where you move from here is totally your choice. Change requires self-work, and you can choose to be aware. You can choose to be above the chaos. You can choose to be kind and patient and happy. You can choose to be affected by nothing.

Being affected by nothing means everything comes as it should, and everything is understood to be what it is. It’s all good when you are aware of the NOW.

You begin to see your NOW as perfect when you know who you are as everything comes from your power sources within. You can hold the NOW in the palm of your hand, say it is good, and let it take you to the next moment, the next new NOW, without worry. The motivation then is everything is good.  

What you know, you can accept. What you don’t know, you can accept. What remains true is that your conscious decision-making process is to be untainted by anything outside of you. It is in the pause, in the breath, in the quiet that pure consciousness can change your chemical makeup.

Be your own witness and see your true self in the moment you are in – your NOW. Nothing can stop you from being who you are. When you are comfortable within your own power, you will be changing the world from your abundance. 

In the NOW you:

Choose to be happy. 

Choose to be well. 

Choose how you respond. 

Choose your journey.

Living in the NOW is the secret to making each day your best.

How do you find your power source? 

How do you focus and stay centered? 

You can’t stop your old thinking, but thinking can stop of its own accord when pause becomes your habit. 

In the breathing, in the not thinking space, you will hear your inner silent self speaking.

You pause, you listen, you find your truth because you hear your inner self speaking! As things surface and come to mind, you journal about it.  

Deciding to pause will not lead you to silence. The pause creates the situation, and within the NOW, you will hear your truth.

One of my book reviews says, “I found this book to be very helpful in understanding and actually living in the present moment. PJ has combined poetry, storytelling, music and her life experiences into a book that allows the reader to explore their own life’s journey while living in the now. She is able to help the reader with her probing questions that will enable them to delve deeply into undiscovered places in their life up to this point and therefore bring them closer in their relationship with themselves, with others, and with God. The written book allows the reader space to journal and or take notes at that moment. Very helpful for concrete changes to really occur.” 

My final thoughts:

We are all at many different levels in our lives. I want my book to be a stepping stone for self-care and self-actualization. 

Our world needs to slow down. We are too busy doing. We need to focus more on being. We are human beings, not human doings.

 The back cover of my book reads, “You may be well. You may be happy. You may have already fallen in love. You may love and support your significant other. You may love your work and know your purpose. That doesn’t mean that you understand the power of living fully in the NOW.

You may be searching and longing or just feeling that nagging need to crank up the volume a notch or two. You may be seriously lost, unhappy and feeling desperate emptiness. The good news is that your NOW is always safe, abundant, authentic, new and infinite.

By the time you work through these 40 days of eye-opening activities, you will know the why, the how and the depth of living fully in the NOW. You will know the secret to making each day your best.

Awareness is for everyone, and living with an attitude of abundance is really a choice and always, always a gift.”

Life is flooding you so vitally!

It is my hope that by living in the NOW, you notice and respect every moment for the gift that it is.