KETO for Changes.

(5-minute read) + Watching the video!

Let’s look at the value and truth about KETO for positive weight loss and lifestyle changes to be happy.

The Keto diet was set in the early 1900s, to help control epilepsy. The idea was to cut carbs and get the body to move into the state of ketosis where it burned fat for fuel by eliminating carbohydrates from the diet to turn off the body’s fat-storing hormone insulin. But it also tends to turn off your number 1 fat-burning hormone, Leptin. High levels of Leptin speed up female metabolism and signal the body to burn fat. When Leptin drops, metabolism slows down. 

This video offers solid solutions to healthy lifestyle changes. I, personally, do not use this because, as a runner, I have always managed my BMI and body weight by staying active and eating well.

I spent a year in Florida with my mother while she recovered from back surgery, and I was out the door at 7:00 am for a 6-mile run before she even woke up. I had over 2 million steps, running over 1 thousand miles for the year. Not bad for an old lady in her 70s.

I recommend your viewing of this suggested video if you are finding health dangers or self-esteem issues plaguing your Mental Plane self-talk, impacting your Physical Plane world. There is no reason to not use support systems to make necessary changes happen.

I must say upfront that there is a possibility that I will receive a small compensation for sharing this information with you. I assure you that I am always trying to make life more enjoyable and healthier to properly practice self-care for LIVING IN THE NOW on purpose.

This is another perspective resource, just like the book “Ditch the Mindset Diet” that I gave you for free. Use your skills and self-care plans to improve your NOW

Everything takes time and patience. Nobody wants to change until something goes wrong. Put up with a few temporary discomforts NOW. You’ll be glad you did when you look back. With any change, there can often be a variety of side effects that can feel challenging the first week or two. Knowing of possibilities can help you push through. The keyword here is temporary. Getting sick can be permanent.

The term “Keto Flu” is used to describe bodily reactions when eliminating its normal fuel sources of carbs. Our bodies have an addiction, and we must choose to withdraw. 

Symptoms are more severe on a strict Keto diet. They may include headache, fatigue, with still an inability to sleep, cramping, stomach aches, constipation, confusion, irritability, bad breath and even a lack of concentration. The video explains it all. 

 Self-care first. How the plans materialize for you will become your path. I will give suggestions and you must decide the how from your personal why.

This video and the book I just gave you are resources. Do what you must to bring about healthy changes. That’s what champions do.

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