A Fresh Perspective for NOW

(4-minute read + self-work)

I am confident that every person alive can have a fresh perspective for every thought they have. A fresh perspective that can leave them empowered and liberated to grasp LIVING IN THE NOW

Yes, we can be our own greatest impact on each moment we are in.  It often takes “life” to know that truth.

I believe that when our awareness of choices, control and expectations transcend the noises of the world, we are changed. Awareness! I see being “unaware” as the times in my life when I was not at my best. Let’s face the truth. We all have made mistakes and we all have regrets. Perspective brings awareness and changes that honor life, self and the new NOW.

The skill is to distill my complex layers down…

Layers of …

Habits ~

Thinking Patterns ~

Rituals ~

Automatic Responses ~

Expectations ~

Distill everything down to being …




Aware of NOTHING but the moment I am in…my NOW.

My mission is to inspire everyone to reach for their dreams by unconditionally LIVING IN THE NOW! My goal is to touch a million hearts about the impact self-care first can have on changing the world from our abundance.

Simple Steps ~

Focused Goals ~

New Reasons for Change ~

You can choose to do anything! It takes time. You can do this because you are amazing and powerful.

Keep choosing; again and again, and keep moving forward. Master the Mental Plane through faithful journal work.

Today, I am going to retreat within, look into my true-self-mirror and say this to myself:

  1. Break into your mind, your heart, your body, and your life and steal all the influences, opinions, denigrations, limitations, personally perceived weaknesses, other people’s opinions and ego’s bantering. Bundle up your past and toss it over your very own visualized mountaintop. Get rid of everything you simply don’t have any control over. 
  2. Stand on a new opportunity and choose to realize and achieve your dreams…NOW
  3. Write down everything you actually have control of. Then, let go of the many things that happen which try to take you out of living fully in your NOW
  4. Set realistic expectations to plan your moments and focus on what you plan to control and change. Today, I realize I have no control over anyone but myself and my MENTAL PLANE. 
  5. Today, I choose to be happy, healthy, and focused; to live each moment to the fullest, making each day my best…NOW. 
  6. Pick up support with many suggestions on this website’s tabs: www.zitoprohealth.com and make sure to spend time on my (click on these words): Amazon Author Page where there are books and journals supporting LIVING IN THE NOW on purpose.

Thank you for being a faithful companion on the journey with me. Your presence is my lifeline to being aware and active in my NOW. This is the heart’s message of gratitude for the wonderful blessings given in many forms during 2022.

My best support is available whenever you are ready to create your new NOW.

My prayers and best wishes,


May this new year ahead be overflowing NOW-experiences of “yes” in all we promise to do to practice self-care first.