5 Reasons for Validating Your True Self Enough to Prioritize Self-Care

7-minute read

Self-care is an essential skill. Ultimately, as you move through your life and the world around you, you will hear many different voices. All these voices will have their own thoughts, ideas, and opinions to share. With so much information floating around, it can be difficult to discern how you feel and what you think amid all the Mental Plane chaos. Looking outside will never give your true self a voice!

When you can validate your true self, you can identify and center yourself in the Physical Plane world around you. If you struggle to feel or justify self-care validation, there are some key reasons why retreating within is a must and you should NEVER feel guilty taking time for yourself.

Self-care validation helps you understand who you really, truly are.

Feeling self-validated helps you gain a clear understanding of who you really, truly are. When you can accept all your Physical Plane feelings and Mental Plane thoughts – both the good and bad ones – you gain a solid understanding of who you are. Being able to know and accept all the different parts of yourself is a powerful experience that helps you feel totally aware of the gift of living in the NOW.

Self-care validation acts as a sort of “personal anchor” in a sea of Mental Plane voices.

In a world full of thoughts, ideas, and opinions, self-care validation can be the anchor that keeps you steadfast and aware of your true self. It can be easy to fall into the habit of depending on others for direction and validation – you may catch yourself looking toward others before you form your own thoughts and opinions on a particular topic. However, when you retreat within to spend time with your true self, you don’t depend on the ever-shifting tides of public thought and opinion. Instead, you can trust being grounded, think critically and develop your own Mental Plane self-talk on a variety of subjects.

Self-care validation is an excellent guard against Mental Plane’s endless emotional self-talk promoting/developing self-doubt and insecurity.

A self-validated person doesn’t experience a lot of self-doubt or insecurity. When you spend time retreating within to know and accept yourself, you don’t question yourself or feel insecure about who you are. Instead, you accept those facts of life, feel secure in them, and then keep living in the NOW as the unique person you really are.

Self-care serves to give yourself true kindness and acceptance.

Life is short; spending your NOW worried about yourself, questioning your thoughts, and feeling insecure is how you miss your life. When you experience self-care awareness, you are giving yourself the gift of total acceptance. Doing this is a NEW NOW way of life – when you feel self-validated, you are giving yourself love, acceptance, and respect, and feeling that way about yourself ensures that you can face any crisis in life with confidence.

Self-care can be used as a tool to help you focus on your own goals and dreams for creating your NEW NOW.

Self-care inner abundance and personal power validation is a great tool for helping you focus on your big goals and dreams of getting your life back, creating a NEW NOW that lasts. When a person feels self-validated, they have total control and acceptance of their Mental Plane: thoughts, opinions, feelings, inner strength, dreams, and desires.

Accepting yourself fully and feeling validated about who you are makes it easier to define exactly what you want while creating your NEW NOW. When you know exactly what you want out of life, focusing on what you need to do to meet those big goals is much easier.

Rather than wasting time waffling on decisions or questioning your abilities, you NOW feel confident enough to go after what you want because you know you want it. I call that Mental Plane Mastery.

Final Thoughts from PJ

Putting self-care first is your key practice for living in the NOW and honors your self-worth, confirms your self-confidence, and when living your truest life, you are aware of the moment while you are in it.

How you perceive the world and then identify and accept your internal environment, as it relates to your NEW NOW, helps you learn key things about yourself to promote personal growth. This improves your Mental and Physical Planes, and that balance reveals the overall personal state of being aware of living in the NOW. You NOW have the power to be present, to be in control, and to be proactive rather than reactive. You always have the power to choose and I have written many books to support your consistent self-care promises to yourself. Living in the NOW is about prioritizing the gift of inner abundance, that is your Spiritual Plane, your true self whispering and the only voice that matters.