10 Powerful Self-Validation Statements

9-minute read

Here are 10 powerful self-validation statements you can use to stay motivated in your new NOW.

Self-validation can be challenging. Sometimes, you may struggle to come to terms with some of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, and experiences. That pretty much covers your Mental Plane mind and Physical Planes body. When struggles and challenges happen, remember that it is normal and natural to resist some self-validation and lose your motivation – not everything you need to stay positive about will be easy to accept. However, it is possible to work through events in your new NOW by self-care Mental Plane self-talk mastery, and in-depth journal work.

If you struggle to feel self-validated and need more self-care motivation, use these ten powerful self-validation statements to motivate yourself and reframe any chaos in your Mental or Physical Planes.

Statement 1: This [feeling, experience, thought, emotion] really stinks, but I am neither the first nor only person to ever go through it.

Statement 2: I have the personal power within to make a wise choice, even when the situation is bad.

Even when going through a bad situation, you can self-validate with your self-care retreat within truth: you always have control over your choices. Choose wisely by selecting options that will make the situation better. Spending time in self-care each day gives you perspective to wisely re-create your NOW while you are in it.

Statement 3: I’ve done good work before, and I can do it again.

This statement is particularly motivating when you’re trying to support yourself (self-validate) during a time of low self-esteem. When you are doubting your talents and abilities, remind yourself of past successes. I have many motivating books to support you. They are all on the website for your perusal.

Statement 4: It’s totally normal to have a bad day and experience yucky emotions.

Bad days are a natural part of life and will always surface to steal your NOW. Even the happiest and most positive people will have their own share of bad days. When you have one, self-validate it by remembering that it’s a very normal human experience and, no matter what is happening, life, this NOW is a gift and there is a blessing there for you.

Statement 5: I have the power to make the best out of a crummy situation.

Self-validate yourself by remembering that you always have the inner personal power to control your actions. For example, when you’re going through a bad situation, you can always choose to make choices that can make what’s happening a little bit better. Trust in yourself to make those good choices by staying present. Your new NOW will guide you and support you when you are open and involved only in the moment you are in.

Statement 6: While there are other people in my life, I am the one who knows myself best.

Self-validation requires you to explore your true self on a deep, personal level. As you retreat within during your self-care personal time, remember that you know yourself best and everything you need is within. Positive Mental Plane self-talk is a way to explore your thoughts, feelings, and emotions on that complex meditative level that most just don’t take the time to go.

You are powerful. Be patient. Be still. Be empty to fill.

Statement 7: I have skills and talents that are useful.

Self-care retreat within time reveals your skills and talents. Journal work is a powerfully motivating way to listen to your true self, to accept and support yourself, as you are. Remember your skills and talents often – you do have them, they are uniquely yours, and they can be used to make a positive impact on the world around you. Nobody else can do what you are called to do on this earth. It is your responsibility to grow into your mission in life and in that NOW, your life changes forever. The world changes, too.

Statement 8: I don’t need another person’s opinion in order to form my own.

The world is full of other people’s opinions and thoughts. While it’s great to share with others, it’s also important to remember that you have the ability to form your own opinion and thoughts on any and every matter. Use this ability to drive your self-validation and self-care promise to yourself – it’s okay to form your own opinion.

Statement 9: Even when my situation is negative, I have the power to think positively.

No matter what is happening around you, you always have the power to think positively. As you are self-validating and accepting what is happening in your life, you always have the power to make a good choice for yourself through Mental Plane mastery for thinking positively about an otherwise negative situation. You are what you say so remain positive and forward-moving in everything. Watch your words and shape your thoughts. Share within our private Facebook group:


Statement 10: Difficult emotions and bad experiences don’t last forever.

In the throes of a difficult emotional challenge or bad experience, it’s tough to imagine things ever ending. However, all bad days eventually come to an end. This statement is a powerful reminder that self-validating during a hard time may be a challenge, but there will be better experiences ahead. This NOW can be held in the palm of your hand, where you can turn it just a bit to notice a new angle or perspective. Self-care retreat within time has given you a solid foundation. Stand firm, Champion!