This is the End of the Second Month!

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This is the end of the second month of 2023. How quickly the months pass.

Your NEW NOW strategy of self-care knows it is time to schedule a
self-check-in of promises made to be happy and healthy on purpose. One of the
best ways to do that is to review each month on the last day. Here you are!

Your goals set at the beginning of the month should be your margins of
comparison. If you look at the focused attention spent on being positive and
supportive of your true self this month, you should honestly evaluate Mental
and Physical Plane changes and list the benefits shown. 

If you feel the need, do go back through your journal work and review your retreat within times for the Tuesdays and Thursdays of this month. If you have not started a journal or find that you are not being consistent, NOW is the time to make that change. I have several supportive journal books but I recommend “My First Guided NOW Journal” for these monthly musings. Writing notes and thoughts as you complete your daily self-care retreat within time is very helpful. Looking back on your writings reveals what your true self speaks. Journal work is wise and very supportive. 

Have you implemented changes that were suggested this month?

Are you feeling more confident because of specific habits made?

Can you list routines created to bring positive Mental and Physical Plane
changes over the long term?

Ask yourself specific questions about what personal positives you NOW live
by since beginning your self-work this second month of your new NOW.

Journal about ways of sustaining these new positive self-talk habits worked
on these past 28 days of February as you move into creating your own March of
2023’s new NOW.

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our group. See YOU there!

Love and prayerful support is flowing into your NOW.