Overcome Negatives with April Affirmations

1.5-minute read

Negative beliefs can hold us back in life and prevent us from achieving our goals. However, your April affirmations can help you overcome these beliefs and attract the things you want to have in your new NOW. The same four steps discussed, that can help you overcome negative beliefs by writing out your April affirmations are pretty much repeated here:

First, identify your negative beliefs. What are the messages that play in your Mental Plane self-talk chatter? Again, write them in your journal, even the ones that make you squirm.

Next, confront these negatives and tell them to take a hike. Challenge the chatter and replace it with your positive April affirmations.

Third, make a list of your positive April affirmations in your journal that oppose your negative beliefs. Write down positive statements that feel true to you and put post-it notes around your space. Make them as strong as possible, and don’t be afraid to repeat them often.

The key next step is to repeat your April affirmations every day until they become part of your mindset. Say them out loud in front of a mirror every day. Make it part of your routine, like brushing your teeth.

By following these steps, you can overcome those negatives from your old NOW beliefs with April affirmations and start attracting the things you want to honor in your new NOW. Remember that your new April affirmations can be permanent, powerful tools that honor your self-care promises to never miss another moment of your extraordinary life.