Self-Care Understanding

2-minute read

As humans, we really do want to be our best selves, but we often struggle with the one thing that can help us achieve that goal: self-care. Yup, back to self-care, and being patient in your NOW!

Self-care is a practice that involves taking care of yourself, physically and mentally.  Balancing your Physical Plane and your Mental Plane is the secret to making each day your best. Self-care is anything you do that is good for you, such as exercise, meditation, or spending time with loved ones.

Self-care is crucial to your own personal development because it enables you to recharge your batteries and develop better Mental and Physical Plane health. By taking care of yourself first, you become more positive, productive, and engaged in your new NOW. You also become a patient caregiver to those around you.

Not all self-care activities are healthy. For example, drinking alcohol may temporarily make you feel good, but it can be self-destructive in the long term.

Understanding the difference between healthy self-care and potentially damaging self-care activities is crucial to being real and staying honest in your commitment to stay healthy and happy living in the NOW.

Thanks for being in my NOW, Champion. Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

Be wise in your self-care and remember that what you do in today’s NOW becomes one of your past choices in retrospect tomorrow. What you do in today’s NOW is foundational in how your Physical Plane improves in health or becomes sick in your future.

Struggle no more!

Take care of yourself first. Your new NOW depends on it.

Happy 21st birthday to Granddaughter Lizzie! The young lady who always makes wise choices!

XO – Grandma PJ