Why do I write so much?

I am a prolific writer because I am passionate about encouraging people to put self-care first to be happy and healthy in each moment. I spent 7 years reading through 50 years of journals after I retired from 27 years of teaching. As a Reading Intervention Specialist, my love for language expanded and I found great satisfaction in teaching my students about Mental Plane mastery in the classroom and in their lives.

Mastering who you are inside is tough work because of social pressure to fit into the mold the world wants you to believe will make you happy and successful. Letting go of all the brainwashing, all the guilt, and the endless self-talk takes quiet time and guided structure. Change takes work. Habits want to stay.

I have MANY books, journals, planners, a diary, and a tracker on my Amazon Author Page that were all created to support your journey to retreat within and find your superpower. Nobody breaks free alone! Use my materials as you come to understand what your greatest struggle-points demand.

Take action steps to get your Mental and Physical Planes ready! One of my favorite books answers the many questions most champions struggle with when creating a personal self-care journey.

You have questions. I have answers. Many more books and journals will support your needs. For NOW:

The book that I am recommending is packed with those Mental Plane questions and answers you want to explore about living in the NOW, practicing self-care, and engaging in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. There are one hundred pages packed with questions and answers and I’ve even given you space to write your own thoughts, to journal your true-self reflections. See more by clicking below.