It’s the End of Motivation May

WoW, can you believe that another month has flown by? It amazes me how the NOW just moves on. It is very important to be cognizant of this fact and be proactive in sustaining living in the NOW. I have created a giant 400-page every day of the year planner to keep you in the NOW.

This every day of the year planning journal is just what you need to expand your new NOW journey with practical prompts. Change requires a disciplined prioritization of self-care and structure is the key to staying focused and present as your new NOW unfolds.

Discipline quickly reveals a deeper reality when the Mental Plane mind and the Physical Plane body are balanced. Your “A Better Me” everyday planner will hold you accountable with just a few moments a day.

You can begin your planner on whatever month of the year it is NOW when you purchase it.

NOW you can name what you will work on each month and set priorities for the entire 12 months ahead. Then, your vision for a new NOW is named, structured, and faithfully penned in a matter of moments each day in the journal so your NOW is always your self-care priority.

NOW, your promises to become A Better Me, made to your true self, will last a lifetime.