It is June and the NOW is Yours!

6-minute read

All individuals are born with a sense of instinct, but some may find it challenging to hear their TRUE SELF when trying to convey something important. Whether you refer to your instincts as intuition, gut feelings, hunches, your true self speaking, or any other common term used to describe this phenomenon, you have likely experienced it at some point in your life.

When your instincts speak to you, it’s like your Mental Plane mind is trying to tell you something it already knows. Although humans often think of themselves as separate from the animal world, just like wild animals, we also have a sense of natural instincts that give us information about our surroundings.

Just as wild animals can sense when a storm is approaching, human beings can also sense when something seems off or doesn’t feel right.

Understanding and learning how to harness the power of your instincts is an excellent way to experience more Mental Plane mastery in your life. If you feel like you struggle to hear your instincts giving you messages, don’t worry. It is possible to regain your sense of listening to your instincts, your true self.

How can your natural sense of instinct make you feel more aware of living in the NOW?

Feeling self-validated and confident means accepting your internal experiences. When you feel like you know something about yourself or the world around you, you can accept those feelings as your truth.

This makes a strong sense of personal instincts crucial for feeling focused and aware of the NOW while you are in it. As you begin to listen to your instincts more, you will likely discover some truths behind them. As you continually see that your instincts can be a trusted source of information, you begin to feel more self-validated that your old NOW no longer has power to take over again.

Your instincts come from within yourself, and as you begin to hear and understand those internal messages, it becomes easier to hear what your true self whispers.

What can you do to make it easier to listen to your instincts?

Sometimes people lose touch with their sense of instinct. For instance, you may have experienced a situation that made you question yourself, or you may feel insecure in your ability to trust yourself. Regardless of the reason, it’s possible to regain your ability to listen to your instincts.

Consider these strategies to get started: Retreat within after experiencing someone or something new by taking a quick check-in with your Mental Plane mind and your Physical Plane body.

After meeting a new person or trying something new, take a private self-care moment to check in with
yourself. What emotions are you feeling? Is there a thought in your Mental Plane brain that you just can’t seem to shake? Does your Physical Plane feel like you’re tensing or clenching muscles? These can all be signs of your intuition trying to speak to you. While they are small signs, they are still sending a message.

Give yourself permission to make a low-stakes choice with little forethought. While thinking ahead is wise, to improve your sense of listening to instinct, practice making low-stakes choices with little forethought. A low-stakes choice will not cause you any lasting, serious harm afterward. For example, you can try ordering dinner from a new and unfamiliar restaurant.

Listen to your intuition to determine which restaurant you will choose and what dish you will order. In the end, if you don’t like the food, you are only out of one meal – no serious lasting side effects will come from that, but it will give you some practice listening to your intuition. Have fun, see the rainbow in every moment, and stay aware of your perfect NOW! Self-care first this summer, Champion!