5 Skills of Self-Care First Validation

4-minute read

If you are new to practicing self-care first and retreating within to listen to your true self speaking, there are some essential skills you can practice to build your living in the NOW abilities.

Learning to validate yourself is an essential skill for maintaining good Physical Plane emotional health and positive Mental Plane self-talk. By validating your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, you can fully accept yourself and your life as it is, and from that place of radical acceptance, work on solving problems, making good choices, and loving yourself fully as you create your new NOW.

If you’re new to practicing self-care first, here are some essential skills you can practice to build your abilities to live in the NOW:

Skill 1: Acknowledge your emotions, even if they’re uncomfortable.

When you experience difficult emotions or feelings, it’s tempting to hide or ignore them.

However, acknowledging exactly what you’re feeling, even if it’s challenging, is the first step towards successfully working through it.

Skill 2: Allow yourself to feel and think a certain way, even if you don’t like it.

Sometimes, you may have thoughts or emotions that make you uncomfortable, and that’s okay. Self-care retreat within time doesn’t mean you have to justify or agree with your thoughts and feelings, but rather acknowledge them so you can explore them. I refer to that as spending time listening to your true self speaking.

Skill 3: Give yourself the same kindness you’d give a loved one.

Remember to be kind to yourself when practicing self-validation. Treat yourself the same way you would treat a loved one who is struggling with a big emotion or difficult situation.

Skill 4: Practice “tuning in” to reality.

Sometimes, your thoughts and feelings can be shocking or polarizing, causing you to feel isolated from others. But the truth is, someone else has most likely experienced what you’re going through, and tuning into that reality can help you feel more grounded.

Skill 5: Be honest with yourself when reflecting on past events.

Self-care retreat within time requires a lot of reflection, and being truthful and honest with yourself about past events can give you insight into why you’re feeling or thinking a certain way. Stick to the facts and don’t soften details or make light of situations. Honesty will make your self-care living in the NOW efforts more successful. The truth is that the past brought you here to this special moment. Everything happens as it should. You are here and your chance to create a new NOW is how your future self will see this moment as your past. You can make choices to move forward from this NOW on.