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The Present NOW – Gratitude

Embracing the Present NOW: A Journey Toward Authenticity and Gratitude

Living in the present NOW moment is a pursuit many of us strive for, as we yearn to connect with the essence of our existence. It is a journey that calls for authenticity and a conscious choice to embrace the truth in every moment.

By doing so, we can merge with the Infinite One and bask in the confidence of God’s loving plan.

We can continue to live in the NOW, free from the burdens of trying to understand and control everything, and instead, cultivate a heart filled with gratitude and love.

On this path, I remind myself during retreat within moments of prayer, to be true to who I am.

I recognize that I am a part of something greater, a divine creation, and by honoring this truth, I can embark on a transformative journey toward self-discovery. In my quest to live fully, I strive to express gratitude for every experience, as it is through gratitude that I am able to choose love and extend it to others. This journey is not about seeking external validation or accolades but about nurturing the divine presence within me – the God, the Almighty, the Infinite Person, the Creator, the Holy One, the
Spirit, the Lover of my soul, the Incarnate Word.

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Together, let us embark on this remarkable journey of authenticity, gratitude, and self-discovery – a journey that will lead us closer to living in the NOW and experiencing the profound beauty of existence.