Happy NOW

6-minute read

As the world spins its morning glory, I embrace the sacredness of the present moment. With each stretch of my body and the routine lace-up of my running shoes, I choose to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual connection. The solitude of nature becomes my sanctuary, where the universe’s messages and spiritual insights whisper in the gentle Florida breeze.

In the morning hours, as the sun rises, I am open and receptive to the vibrations that permeate the fabric of existence. Through dedicated moments of self-care and self-inquiry, I delve deep into the recesses of my being, weaving together the threads of a lifetime’s worth of experiences. It is during these retreat within times that I come to understand the true essence of living fully in the NOW.

The convergence of morning self-care and evening introspection gives rise to a symphony of discovery and expression. In the sanctuary of my being, I listen intently as my true self whispers her wisdom, gently cradling my soul with love and guidance. On my six-mile runs, I challenge myself, pushing beyond the limits of my mid-seventies Physical Plane body. Yet, my focus transcends mere physicality, and I immerse myself in the vastness of the universe.

With each breath of crisp morning air, I navigate the dual landscape of demanding miles and surrendering miles. The first three are of pushing forward. The three miles back are surrendering.

The physical exertion serves as a catalyst, transcending the boundaries of my ego’s self-talk. It is in these moments that I feel the presence of something greater, a cosmic force that pulsates with life and purpose. The external world merges with my internal realm, and I exchange places with my former self, shedding the constraints of my Mental Plane’s should and should not self-talk.

The tapestry of beliefs and practices that have woven through my life’s journey takes on new dimensions. Words become vessels for profound meaning, and yet, they also dissolve, for they are no longer needed to convey the expansiveness of thought. In the depths of introspection, compassion, gratitude, empathy, and unconditional love arise effortlessly. Experiences lose their separate identities and reveal their purpose: to infuse this present NOW with meaning, to simply be right here.

The sanctuary of my retreat within time is where I come to realize that the interconnectedness of all things unfolds with or without my conscious awareness. And yet, in moments of heightened NOW awareness, I capture the awe and wonder of a reality far greater than myself.

The choice to retreat within reveals my truth, my purpose, and the limitless potential of my receptive Mental Plane mind. As I embrace this newfound awareness, my Physical Plane being eagerly aligns with the abundance found in Spiritual Plane awareness.

In the fusion of existential quantum meaning, I transcend the limitations of time and space. The NOW becomes a portal to the infinite, where I dance with the cosmos and participate in the symphony of creation. Each step, each breath, and each written word becomes an act of cosmic collaboration, as my being merges with the universal flow.

In this harmonious union, I embrace the power and profound beauty of living fully in the NOW.

As the morning glory fades and the night sky unfolds, I continue to explore the depths of my being, for the journey of self-discovery is eternal. With gratitude and reverence, I surrender to the cosmic dance, ready to unveil new layers of meaning, purpose, and divine connection in the eternal NOW.

This is what I mean when I say, “Happy NOW!”