18 Action Steps

I am putting energy out into the universe! I want to reach a million hearts with the message that putting self-care first is the secret to living in the NOW on purpose to never miss another moment of the extraordinary gift of LIFE.

I have MANY books on Amazon and I am launching several courses to support champions to put self-care first.

Living in the NOW is honoring moment-by-moment awareness. You can’t wish to change any more than you can wish to be rich.

Change happens when you spend self-care time listening to your truth and creating new priorities for a new NOW.

This video is in the Meditation Classes that I am offering at a very reasonable price! Start your self-care new NOW with these 18 ACTION STEPS and make sure to send an email to pj@ZitoProHealth.com for all upcoming notifications!

Form supportive habits to better live in the NOW! Tell me your favorite suggestion that you will be adding to your NOW so taking action for change honors your moment-by-moment new NOW awareness state!