August Comes to an End

Another month is over for this 2023 year. Can you believe month number nine is upon us?

Where does the time go?

Each of us has a schedule. For some, this schedule is detailed and down to the minute. For others, the schedule is more haphazard with a few concrete plans surrounded by more indefinite periods of time. Nevertheless, we all have an idea of what we want to get done today, what we want to get done this week, and what we want to get done in a month, a year, or during the course of our lives.

A lot of our scheduling has to do with necessities. We have to be at work at a certain time. We have a client meeting tomorrow at 2. We need to pick up groceries after the kids have been dropped off at school. Most of our days are spent ticking off these kinds of life-sustaining tasks from our internal to-do lists. After all, we all have to work and we all have to eat.

Some of what we schedule is less urgent than the time we spend earning money to pay bills and purchase food. These are the parts of the day we put aside for ourselves. Some refer to it as personal time. This is where we exercise, meet with friends, read, enjoy hobbies, etc. These activities are not as immediately necessary as work and food, but they do sustain us in other, less tangible ways.

By NOW you know where this is going, if you’ve been in my NOW world for any length of time!

I hope August was supportive. I think September is going to be goal-setting-NOW-changing! Please continue being an active part of my NOW. Let’s make these last four months extraordinary!

You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Happy NOW, champion seeker!

Thank you for being in my NOW,

PJ Zito