Small Choices Create Smart Change: Your Success Handbook for Living in the NOW

This resource journal was published on November 15, 2022. It is a beautiful 8.5×11 book with 174 pages.

About this book: This “Living in the NOW” handbook is your guide to staying focused and aware in life, embracing the extraordinary privilege of creating a fulfilling existence, a new NOW, where your self-care priorities lead.

This supportive handbook lovingly helps you focus on changing self-talk, creating inner confidence, and overcoming challenges. With quotes and personal prompts, this handbook provides structure and resources to master awareness and deepen your perception of reality. It takes a million small choices to create your best life and this handbook helps you make those choices and journal your journey.

Become the writer and creator of your New NOW with this practical guide. One of my favs!

Happy NOW, PJ Zito