Retreat Within and Journal

NOW is a SMART time to pause and get down to work. Spend self-care journal time and make this information a real part of your new NOW. Read, reflect, expand, recreate, get personal, get real – NOW.

  • Everyone wants results;
  • Unfortunately, many people want immediate results without doing the work that’s necessary to achieve those results;
  • It’s an evolutionary fact that we will take the easy road to a reward if one is available;
  • However, the majority of the time there is no easy way to get desired results;
  • This difficulty does not stop people from desiring those results;
  • They simply choose to ignore the necessary work;
  • This fact often means that the desired results remain unachieved;
  • Behavior-based goals do not focus on the end result;
  • Instead, they focus on the intermediate steps that need to be taken in order to be successful;
  • They are more about the incremental elements of a process than the big picture;
  • When you change your behaviors and develop specific new NOW behaviors then, in time, you will reach your overall goal;
  • Behavior-based goals utilize a SMART philosophy which includes;
    • Setting specific smaller goals that contribute to the overall result;
    • Making sure that goals are measurable so that motivation continues;
    • Ensuring that goals are achievable, so that time and effort aren’t wasted;
    • Examining whether goals are realistic so that talent and ability are properly aligned with what is being attempted; and
    • Using time-bound goals to keep forward momentum going and avoiding procrastination.
    • 📏 What are your new NOW self-care first goals for living in the NOW on purpose?

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