See Your Path

The Power of Visualization

Welcome back, fellow champion seeker on the new NOW path of mastering behavior-based goals! As we
continue our journey, let’s dive into a remarkable tool that will elevate your success: the power of visualization.

Imagine this scenario: You, at the pinnacle of your achievements, gazing out at the vast landscape of your conquered goals. This Mental Plane image is more than mere fantasy; it’s a strategic technique for living in the NOW on purpose.

Visualization is your secret weapon – a practice ground for your retreat within triumphs. It’s like rehearsing for a play, but the stage is your real new NOW life that YOU create and then participate in.

When you visualize yourself accomplishing specific tasks and reaching significant milestones, you’re essentially training your mind for success. It’s as if you’re building a new NOW Mental Plane muscle memory that guides your actions. This technique preps you for the challenges that lie ahead. So, take a moment, close your eyes, and vividly see your journey unfolding. This method propels you forward, turning the climb to your goals into a thrilling adventure.

Remember, just as I’m here to guide you through various resources like my books, journals, planners, courses, and a wealth of blogs and tips on my website,, visualization is your partner in navigating this journey. So, practice this Mental Plane rehearsal and visualize your path to successfully living in the NOW on purpose. With every Mental Plane step, you are closer to your goals!

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