The Masterpiece Companion Journal: Expanding Awareness on Your Self-Care Journey

6×9 and 42 pages – BUY NOW: The Masterpiece Companion Journal

About this book: The Masterpiece Companion Journal is your intentions tool. Think of this Masterpiece Companion Journal as your personal GPS, guiding you through the ups and downs of your self-care journey. It can map out your mastery destinations, help you navigate obstacles, and keep you on track to reach your goal of living in the NOW, never missing another moment of your extraordinary life.

Just as a GPS guides you to a given destination, this journal will support and enhance your retreating within journey. Whether reflecting on what you’ve learned, setting new habits in place, or simply documenting your ah-ha-experiences, this journal will help you stay focused, motivated, and living in the NOW.

Embrace it, plan with it, and let it become your on-the-spot tracker for your retreat within times of specific, powerful growth days of permanent change.