BUY NOW – 52 Weeks to Weave 52 Self-Care Habits into a New NOW

About this book: NOW is the time to overcome anxiety and disarm stress by letting the truth out. Knowledge and conscious action steps bring change for a new NOW; an approach taken to be present in a happy, healthy life of your own design. 

Putting self-care first means you choose to delve beyond the old NOW habits to reveal the root issues holding you down. It takes disciplined introspection for lasting change. Retreating within, and spending time with your true self, moves you through your surface symptoms to the cause of anxiety and stress. 

Master your Mental Plane self-talk and free your Physical Plane body sheaths of stored stressors to create a balanced NOW that is basking in Spiritual Plane awareness. You always have the power to choose to be happy, healthy, and living your best life on purpose. I call that Living in the NOW: The Secret to Making Each Day Your Best.