4 Seasons

The Seasons of Self-Care: Nurturing Your Inner Garden

Greetings, guardian of the true new NOW self! Today, let’s explore the concept of the seasons of self-care. Your retreat within self-care inner garden, much like the world outside, experiences seasons of growth, rest, and transformation.

Spring: Growth and Renewal

Spring is a time of growth and renewal. Just as plants burst forth with vibrant energy, nurture your Mental Plane mind with fresh ideas and new experiences. Embrace every new NOW opportunity for growth and exploration.

Summer: Abundance and Harvest

Summer represents abundance and harvest. Much like gathering ripe fruits, savor the abundance in your new NOW life. Celebrate your achievements, both big and small. It’s a season of gratitude and joy.

Fall: Letting Go and Reflection

As leaves fall in autumn, it’s a time for letting go and reflecting. Release what no longer serves you. Replace old NOW thoughts, habits, or beliefs. Take self-care time to reflect on your inner world and make space for new growth. Visualize and expand to the endless universal possibilities waiting for you NOW.

Winter: Rest and Rejuvenation

Winter is a season of rest and rejuvenation. Just as the earth rests beneath a blanket of snow, embrace restorative self-care first practices. It’s a time for inner reflection, self-compassion, and preparing for the upcoming new NOW growth.

Take time to expand on these 4 season analogies that are springboards for your retreat within self-care work, self-inquiry work, and journal work. Expand, champion seeker. The more you do the deeper you will go and the more expansive your inner world will become. I am praying for you.