It’s Self-Care Time – Restorative Pruning: Cultivating Inner Balance

Hello, my fellow gardener of the soul! Today, let’s retreat within to meditate on self-care restorative pruning, a practice of cultivating inner balance in your Mental Plane self-care garden.

Pruning for Growth

Just as you prune branches to encourage healthy growth in your garden, restorative self-inquiry pruning involves letting go of what no longer serves you. Retreat within and assess your Mental Plane self-care garden. Are there old NOW thoughts, habits, or beliefs that hinder your growth? It’s time to prune them.

Cultivating Space

Pruning creates space for new growth. By letting go of what’s unnecessary, you create room for fresh ideas, and positive habits that empower new NOW beliefs. Embrace this newfound space with an open heart and prioritize self-care daily.

Gentle Self-Compassion

While pruning may involve letting go, it’s essential to rest in your self-care with gentleness and self-compassion. Avoid that old NOW harsh judgment and criticism. Instead, acknowledge that pruning is a natural part of growth and that your new NOW always leads you.

Embracing Balance

Restorative pruning helps you achieve balance. Just as a well-pruned tree flourishes with balanced branches, your inner world thrives when you maintain equilibrium. Cultivate this balance by regularly retreating within, assessing, and pruning your Mental Plane self-care garden.

You always have the power to choose.

Stay in your new NOW by prioritizing your self-care process. It’s the secret to making each day your best. Happy December! Make the most of this last month of the year 2023.