Hi, friend and Champion Seeker!

We are in December already! Have you grown into your plans?

Do you take time each day to ensure that you’re focused on the right things? Setting aside some reflection time can really develop a positive mindset that filters through everything.

When I am faithful in silent reflection, I slowly experience myself in a deeper way. Because in this seemingly “useless hour,” while I do “nothing important” or urgent, I have to come to terms with my basic powerlessness.

I feel my fundamental inability to solve problems or change myself, much less attempt to change the world. When I do not avoid those experiences but live through them, I find out that my many projects, plans, and obligations become less urgent, critical, and important; ….and they lose their power over me.

They leave me free during my self-reflection and somehow take their appropriate (smaller) place in my life and in my NOW.

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See you there,

PJ Zito