Unveiling Your Self-Care First Power of Clarity

Become a problem-solving enthusiast in your new NOW!

Retreat within with me today and let’s dive into the first key to becoming more aware of your superpowers within, to be a problem-solving ninja. Retreating within, spending self-care time listening, in silence, and defining how to become a problem solver is your gift when you are living in the NOW. Be still. Be silent. Become empty. Realize that you are full. You are abundant and powerful – inside.

Ever feel like you’re in the dark when facing an issue? Well, retreating within and shedding light on the problem that is plaguing your Mental Plane mind is the first step to conquering it.

It’s not just about knowing the problem exists; it’s about self-inquiry work – from a distance – dissecting it, understanding its roots, and figuring out who’s getting tangled up in it…when you are not actually IN it. You are thinking about your thinking and feeling your feelings from a safe place and that expands your Mental Plane powers to feel safe enough to accept solutions, answers, or perspectives.

Why? When you are in your safe place of self-care first, you break the problem into bite-sized chunks, and suddenly it’s not this monstrous thing anymore.

It’s more like, “Hey, I can handle this part, no problem!” So, grab your metaphorical flashlight, and let’s illuminate any new NOW problem together by spending time in self-care first. There is the secret to making each day your best. Stay in your perfect NOW.

The NOW is all you have.

The NOW is all you need.

The NOW is all you get, and it is perfect when you stay in it. šŸ’”