Brainstorming: Where Wild Ideas Roam Free

Greetings, problem solver champion who wants to be totally aware of living in the NOW.

Are you ready to unleash the creative power within you? The next stop on our journey is the exhilarating world of brainstorming. I love brainstorming! I call it “dumping everything” as I “journal recklessly”.

It is simple, once you’ve retreated within to pinpoint your problem. That is, you retreat within to rest in your retreat within safe space where your Mental Plane responds positively in a brainstorming bonanza.

Picture this: a room full of diverse self-care expansive possibilities!

See your Mental Plane mind tossing out ideas like confetti.

Conventional, out-of-the-box, borderline crazy new NOW dreams – we want them all and we expand them beyond our wildest imagination! That is what I call holding your NOW and turning it just a bit to see totally new NOW perspectives that lead you to more.

Why? Because the more ideas, the merrier!

It’s like a buffet of solutions.

So, grab a seat at the idea feast and let your self-care first creativity run wild. Who knows what genius solution might be waiting to be unleashed? Your NOW is perfect! Stay in it and enjoy!