Self-Care First

Solving the Unsolvable with Self-Care First Creativity

Hello, problem-solving rockstar!

Have you heard of creative problem-solving? No worries! Let’s retreat within and take on how to solve problems in your new NOW – creatively, from a distance, where you are safe and aware of possibilities.

Harvard Business School calls creative problem-solving “thinking through with less structure,” but I call it the cool, laid-back cousin of traditional Mental Plane problem-solving, where retreating within is safe.

Retreating within, where your Mental Plane brain feels safe, is brainstorming on steroids! Divergent thinking exercises, where each solution is a unique gem, is how your new NOW leads you to a life like you have never imagined.

It’s always a treasure hunt for answers. So, put on your creative hat, and turn problems into puzzles waiting to be solved from a distance, where perspective, wisdom, and grace expand a wealth of possibilities in a new NOW that knows no boundaries.

Choose to retreat within. Set it up on your calendar. “Self-Care First Time.”

Honor your promise to your true self to keep your new NOW real so it lasts a lifetime. Spending time with your true self is how you tap into your inner powers, your creativity, and your purpose for being on this earth.

Happy NOW!