Visualizing Your New NOW: Because Seeing is Believing

Let’s take a closer look at a hidden superpower that not many of us use as much as we can.

Pause NOW, retreat within, and picture creating a Mental Plane image so clear that your Physical Plane body can’t help but get on board – that’s the magic of visualization! Words sometimes fall short when you’re trying to dig deeper into your truth or clear mental roadblocks. That’s where your artistic side can support you from a different angle.

Flowcharts, diagrams, mind maps – these can quickly become your visual companions, guiding you on your journey. Visualization is like your personal journal, revealing answers without drowning you in a sea of words or judgments.

Ever feel like the old NOW chaos is still lingering in your new NOW? Visualizing a problem lays it out in a way that untangles the mess, showing different angles of the truth you’re trying to tweak or expand, but it is NOW from a self-care space where you are safe.

Self-inquiry isn’t just about putting self-care first – it’s a continuing journey, a deeper exploration into your own consciousness.

Visualization? It’s the spinning of your energy, a way to participate in and contribute to universal expansion, consciously and unconsciously. It’s choosing to truly be living in the NOW while understanding things more clearly, and seeing everything as it actually is.

That is what I call living in the NOW and it is the secret to making each day your best. Stay faithful to self-care first work because self-inquiry’s depth will keep your Mental and Physical Planes balanced. When your vibes and energy are in sync, that reveals the Spiritual Plane abundance that is and always has been yours for the taking. That’s what I mean when I say, “Happy NOW!” Look again. You are amazing!

Keep visualizing, keep trusting self-care first priorities, and keep embracing the awesomeness of self-inquiry work on your new NOW journey to ensure true health and happiness are what you have, NOW and always.