New Year’s Eve

Be Here In This Perfect NOW – A Gift for You

Can you be here right NOW? Take time for self-care and be here with your true self.

This is an invitation for you to calm yourself and be present in this glorious NOW moment.

Take a moment right NOW and just be here. Thank 2023 for life and ask 2024 for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Plane abundance.

Tune out any distractions, and noise and prepare to take a mini-retreat within journey. Let yourself slip inward and permit yourself to take care of yourself first while there is still time!

Pause for this journey of inner work, self-discovery, and personal renewal of living in the NOW.

Come here NOW, where you can be comfortable, as you are. Pause and breathe in new life as we embark on a transformative inward journey to rest in the wrapping up of another year.

Embracing the power of this perfect present NOW moment with its beauty and abundance within, know all is possible. Pause and begin by focusing on your breath. Just notice the air entering your lungs, filling you with life and energy. Breathe in, and exhale. Beautiful air. The gift of life! Energizing you, filling you with new NOW life. As you exhale, imagine releasing any tension, any stress. 

Again, breathe in. And out. You might visualize roots extending from your body into the earth. Going down-way beneath you, anchoring you into this present NOW moment.

Allow yourself to be here NOW. Pay attention and feel more grounded, and more centered. Again, focus on your breath and deepen your breathing pattern on purpose.

Together, we inhale slowly for a count of 1, 2,3. Excellent. Again, breathing in with 1, 2, 3. Again, inhale. 1, 2, 3. Exhale slowly with 1, 2, 3. This rhythm helps to calm your Mental Plane mind, and your watched breath has the potential to prepare you for deeper introspection. Affirm this with each exhale and retreat to your inner world. Release thoughts of the past and worries about the future. Let go of what is no longer important at this NOW moment. In this space of trust, let go of what no longer serves you. As you settle into this state of relaxation, focus on a word or an affirmation to celebrate the gift of this present NOW moment.

Breathe in. Exhale. Affirm with words in your mind, that this present moment is all you need. The true words spoken NOW are, “I am fully alive. I am present. Each breath is a new opportunity for me to know peace and find clarity. Each breath inward is a gift taken for granted. I am. I embrace the beauty of NOW awareness. I embrace the beauty of this NOW moment with an open heart and an uncluttered mind.”

Again, say, “In this moment, I’m fully alive and present. As I breathe that in, I know and trust that each breath is a new opportunity for peace and clarity. I embrace the beauty of this perfect NOW moment with an open heart and an uncluttered mind.”

In your self-care retreat within moments, say these words to yourself until the truth of them resonates within you. Know your truth. Listen to your true self teaching you how to use words and then how to let them go. 

NOW, permit yourself to take a journey. Step into nature through nature. Imagine the beauty around you and bask. NOW, know that the beauty around you is your perfect NOW reminder of life’s endless possibilities. Where are you? Notice the vibrant colors and the texture of the leaves. The gentle sounds that you hear. Each step you take is a step into the present NOW moment within. You are using the outer world experiences to fully experience retreating within to the here and the NOW of YOU.

Imagine yourself going into a large cave at the base of a mountain. It is a massive, welcoming opening where you feel very safe. NOW, after entering and walking deeper into the cave, imagine coming upon a clear stream. Looking down the way, you notice the flowing water. The flowing water is a metaphor for the passage of time and the fluidity of your life. Watching the water continuously flow, think of any burdens that you’re carrying from the past. With both hands, lift the burdens from your shoulders and visualize placing these burdens into the stream. Take in a deep breath NOW, and watch them being washed away, leaving you lighter, happier, and more present. Let them go into the stream, let them be washed away.

NOW you are lighter and more open standing right here, right NOW, in this perfect moment. Being undistracted, you are really just here. The present NOW invites you to sit. As you’re sitting by this stream, focus on the air, the sensation of the air that’s on your arms and brushing past your cheeks. Notice the peace, the quiet, the silence around you. Greet the faithful rhythm of your breath, going in and out without your needed permission. This is the essence of being alive, being alive in the perfect NOW moment. Breathe in that aliveness and allow your being to overflow with gratitude.

Embrace the fullness of your sensory experience, feeling deeply connected to the present NOW moment. Think of nothing. Let go and be present here, NOW. Release the past and welcome new beginnings with open arms. Imagine yourself resting in this beautiful place, opening your arms and saying, at your core, that you release the past and welcome new beginnings with open arms. Still there, see how you NOW know that every moment is a fresh start, filled with hope and potential. The NOW gives every moment, and it is always a fresh start, filled with hope and potential. Being free from the burdens of the past, embrace the joy of this perfect NOW moment. Remind yourself that you are free from the chains of the past and able to embrace the joy of this perfect new NOW. The past is what brings you here to this NOW, so all is well.

Create your perfect NOW affirmations and journal of this deep awareness so this NOW can sink in enough that you feel the power and truth expand your being.

Rest here NOW. Take as long as you need to grasp that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. This inner world supports you at all times. Retreat within often, putting self-care first, to create a new NOW that honors your gifts to the world. Reflect on your personal journey, your life. Create your new NOW truth that resonates with your outer world’s demands.

Trust this time with your true self. It is the secret to making each day your best.

Happy New Year. Happy New You. Happy New NOW. Thank you for being in my NOW.

PJ Zito