A Self-Care First Wake-Up Call

Recognizing the beauty of your self-care journey with a heightened awareness of your beautiful self brings new NOW energy to your moments.

Are you just starting this new NOW energy phase or are you deeply engaged in the wake-up call of self-care? Reflect on the power of self-inquiry, where you observe your truth without judgment or guilt.

Understand that everything in your past has brought you to this point, offering valuable wisdom if you pause and reflect. The self-inquiry phase is a pivotal moment in your personal growth cycle. It’s about becoming fully aware of the choices you have and the power to shape your path.

Embrace this wonderful new NOW phase of your self-care journey with an open Physical Plane heart and a non-judgmental Mental Plane mind. Your journey of self-discovery is a continuous loop, and in your new NOW, you have all the inner tools to navigate it with grace and a lifetime of earned wisdom.