The Transformative Power of Release

Explore the concept of release as an integral part of your self-care journey. This “releasing” is the result of faithful self-care times that deepen and expand to a self-inquiry retreat within awareness. Honest self-care work encourages you to exhale and give yourself permission to release past mistakes, shame, and regret. Recognize that your Mental Plane’s critical self-talk in your old NOW was a mechanism of control by your old world input from birth until NOW.

Spinning energy and inner power self-care NOW will always ground your being, allowing your spirit to soar. As you release the weight of the past, your Mental Plane expands with new NOW possibilities.

Trust, faith, hope, and a deep understanding of who you are will propel you forward, giving you permission to be happy, healthy, and fully present in each perfect new NOW moment.

True self-care always guides you through the process of embracing release as a transformative act, paving the way for a new NOW filled with lightness, positivity, and self-love.

Faithfully deepen your transformative powers of true release to be happy and healthy living in your NOW. Thank you for being a true champion living in MY NOW. I am so very proud of you!